Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Up the creek without a paddle

My headmaster posted a blog about the perils of the wooden paddle recently so I thought I would give my two pence worth from the receivers view point.
Now I am by no means a seasoned bottom, in fact my experience is quite limited, and short....Damn it !
Any hoo, to the subject of paddles of the wooden variety.
They hurt like the devil himself is biting your arse. It's not just the sting that hurts, they have an impact that is much heavier than say a leather one.
Now leather is a different kettle of fish, not only do they smack louder, they smart less and don't seem to bruise as easily.
What is a kettle of fish anyway ?
And leather straps are even better. Oh for a dose of the army belt again.....
How I miss it....That long strip of sting across both cheeks at once...Oooo. Awesome.
Of course I was very lucky, the headmaster is an expert at bringing your threshold higher gradually. He would always start with an O.T.K. spanking, sometimes over pants, sometimes straight on the bare, if I was lucky. Mind you, I always enjoyed it when my pants were pulled aside one side at a time to receive the sting of his hand. But then sometimes he would travel south to my thighs which I didn't enjoy quite as much. Made me squirm in fact.
I have a stubborn streak in me that won't allow myself to move out of position once put there by the headmaster. And yet I can remember two occasions where I was on the verge of doing just that.
One was the first time I got the dragon cane across my bare bottom. I was contemplating one of two courses of action. Either plead for him to stop or to stand up from bending over the table top. In the end ( pun intended ) I did neither and learned to trust his judgement. He never did me wrong.
The second time was when he introduced me to 'old vic'. An innocent looking wooden hairbrush that very likely was used to straighten Lady Hamiltons' or even Cleopatras' hair.
Needless to say it certainly straightened me out all right.Christ.
The choices in my head this time were either plead or cry. Although I did present a moving target for most of this paddle spanking I didn't actually move off his lap. Got very close to tears though. Again his judgement came to my rescue..Pheew.
So, to summarize, I am definitely NOT a fan of wooden paddles. They should all be left up the creek in my opinion.
Give me leather ones any day, Any day now please, anyone ?


  1. I m pleased you felt the benefits of Old Vic as you so aptly named it, and my Dragon Cane, I fear it wont be long before your back over my knee bottom bared and ready to accept your punishment gary

    1. Well sir,there's plenty of things to be punished for as you know. Nothing it seems escapes your attention. Still got your belt have you?