Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Craving a spanking

I'm always amazed at the diversity of pictures and stories that appear on Spanking Bloggers. Being a regular browser has become almost a second hobby for me of late, although it will never replace my first...Well you can see why...
                                       Aaah, the lure of that elusive hole in one....
Now if anyone wants to turn this into a 'Complete the Caption' compo. they are more than welcome. I promise I won't compete.
So, what's on my mind ?
Well quite frankly it's betrayal, or more precisely the temptation of betrayal.
I'm a person that needs, nay craves discipline and at the moment I'm getting none at all. Very selfish of me, yes I know, and yet I feel cornered, alone.
Just talk to her I hear, yes I hear you but she is always somewhere else with either her mind or her presence. Always too busy or just not in the mood....
Only an hour away lies my solution and yet..........I daren't.
To misquote a scene from 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves' 'I shall never fear my headmasters cane'. No, It's not MY pain that I fear, It's HERS.
The pain of betrayal.
  Oh, by the way, All comments are very welcome...Please don't be shy....Be naughty.   Gary.


  1. That is a dilemma. You could pay your headmaster a visit, but would feel badly if you kept it a secret from your wife.

    Do you think that she would prefer to not know about your visits? Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Or does your relationship demand complete honesty?


    1. I've been down that road of deceit before and the view ain't pretty. But then I am already hiding the fact of this blog from her so you could say I'm on a hiding to nothing, haha. The real answer is I suppose patience. An attribute that I have little of left. Tied together with a smile, but coming undone. Taylor Swift. Kind regards. Gary.

  2. Gary, I kept my blog a secret from my husband for 9 months. Finally told him about it on New Year's Eve, in a restaurant, so he wouldn't get too upset in public. Turns out he knew about it anyway (I had sent him a link to a specific post I was proud of and he must have guessed).

    I know telling you to talk to her isn't the answer. It's much harder than it sounds. I sympathize with you.