Thursday, 3 January 2013

Quite a year.

Interesting year to say the least. A large boat on it's side,
But this is what really happened.
Naughty girls.....
A less than large woman announcing her pregnancy, the revelation by the British press that Prince Harry is a normal bloke that likes women and alcohol (well bless my soul). The Olympics,the jubilee,the Ryder cup (woo hoo),the tennis U.S. open,the grand prix oh,and some bloke that finally decided to do something about his most hidden desires.Hi.
We've lost some monumental people this year such as Neil Armstrong and Sir Patrick Moore,but gained a few like Felix Baumgartner (the bloke that jumped from the edge of space).
How did he know that he was definitely going to go DOWN? Did he chuck a stone out first to see which way it went? And what would he have done had he seen it go sideways? Er Houston,we have a problem.....I mean,there's no sign post up there saying,'You are now entering space,please drive with care'.
And my favourite comedy show of the moment 'Mrs. Browns Boys'. Her/His theory on the Noah's ark story that it rained for forty days and forty nights and they called that a disaster, Well, she says, in Ireland we call that the feckin' summer.
Oh and of course,the end of the world that didn't happen....again.
So, what will 2013 bring us?
Will we finally learn that we can't solve Afghanistan's problems by force of arms,the Russians couldn't and they don't give a shit!
Will banning gun ownership in America stop the senseless violence on their streets? Ask that question to the mafia or the many hundreds of gangs within their towns and cities. We banned handgun ownership in 1997 and armed crime has gone up ever since.
Will the people of the world ever realise that ALL religions are just an unproved theory? (I know,dodgy ground).
Will the big bang theory relationship between Sheldon and Amy develop into a domestic discipline setting?
And more importantly, will my wife ever use that tawse I bought months ago to redden my bottom so much that it hurts to look at let alone sit on.
Questions as yet unanswered,but time will tell....
..Or will it?
               Happy New Year kindred spirits.


  1. Gary, you summed the year up quite well.

    In answer to the last question, only time will tell. Have you thought of leaving it out where she can't help but see it, like on the bedpost? Or maybe ask for it after giving her chocolates and wine for Valentine's Day.

    Good luck!

  2. Thank you dear heart but I think I will have chewed the bedpost off by Valentines day. I'm going crazy. I will try your first suggestion though.
    Kind regards, Gary.