Thursday, 14 March 2013

A post for her.

I'm not entirely sure that I like labels, in fact I'm not sure of what category we would fit into anyway. All I am sure of is that I like being spanked, be it by a male or female. And now that my adorable wife has her loving husband back, in an honest and open relationship that we hoped for when we first married, I could not have wished for more.
I have no more skeletons in my dark closet, even this blog has been confessed to her and she took it all in her stride, not an eyelid (or head for that matter) was batted. She amazes me. Were the shoe on the other foot, I doubt that I could honestly say I'd react the same way.
And so another chapter in our book of love for each other has begun. She has shown me trust and I have not betrayed it. We have played and enjoyed, talked and cried, laughed and loved. And rowed, yes. But still we hold firm together. Her marble blue eyes still melt me inside.
I love you my darling.
You are my soul mate, my life.
This post is for you.

Thank you to a dear heart across the water for your advice.

Kindest regards,


  1. Gary, what a lovely post. Your wife is a real champion. I am so pleased for you both that this has all turned out well.

    I will admit that I kept my blog a secret from my husband for 9 months, and told him about it on New Year's Eve in a restaurant because I didn't think he would be angry with me in public. It went all right, the next day he read a special post I had written for him, and was quite fine with it. We laughed about it together. What a relief!

    I hope you both share many more happy years together.


  2. Thanks to you Hermione we are on the first or second step. Now all I have to do is to convince her to take pictures for my blog. Watch this space. Meanwhile I will continue to be naughty, why do I find that so easy ?????

  3. Enjoying the blog. Keep up the stories.