Monday, 11 March 2013

Red bum in the morning,headmasters' warning.

The school bus was running late,only ten minutes to go till nine and still the stupid driver hadn't found the place. Panic was setting in. Oh crap,my first day at a new school and I would be late. Visions of the headmaster standing in the doorway flexing his cane flashed through my head as at last,the school entrance was spotted.
The tension in my stomach that I had been feeling all morning was starting to ease off as we were ushered into the main hall for assembly. Introductions and greetings over with and the school song sung,(with much enthusiasm),the day had begun.
Lesson one: Keep your head down and look interested.
And the plan was working,until a teacher entered the room and announced,'The headmaster would like to see Gary in his study'. All eyes immediately shot towards me and I heard a whispered 'what's Gary done?' As I rose from my chair I knew the answer to that whispered question. Recompense for the chewing gum on his cane. The short walk to his study was just long enough for that knot to appear below the rib cage.
My inner devil leapt out of my head and legged it down the corridor,arms flailing and screaming....I was on my own.
A playful rap da da rap rap....tap tap on his door was answered by,'come in Gary'. Blimey,he can see through doors now!
The first thing that definitely caught my attention as I entered, was the array of spanking implements arranged on his table. One in particular I had read about on his blog was a very long,dark wooded ruler. Yikes!!

My eyes lowered as he began his rhetoric on the reasons as to why I found myself in his study so early in the day. I could only answer with,'no sir' or 'yes sir', as all my courage had deserted me. I was resolved into accepting my fate.
Over his knee with trousers around my ankles,I was just thinking how kind he was to give me a warm up spanking, when my pants were peeled down after only four smacks. Then he began in earnest. Just how he can smack so hard I will never know,but my bum was stinging very quickly and the prospect of more to come was not cheering me up one bit.
I had just got to the 'ouch' stage when suddenly he stopped,ordered me to stand,then told me to bend over his table. The worrying bit came when he told me to shuffle further forward as he 'needed to get a full swing'.
I believe the saying is something like 'Hucking fell'. That nasty looking ruler as it turns out,is equally as nasty when it impacts your bottom. Unlike his cane strokes,these were coming thick and fast,even faster as he told me,'it was a very disgusting and disrespectful thing to do'. At least with the cane you get to choose the timing of the next one! Shit!
Finally..And satisfied that he had painted my bottom the correct shade of scarlet,he instructed me to dress and follow him back to class.
'Turn around and face the wall' he said as we entered the room.
'Now pull down your trousers and pants and show the class your bottom'.
'oooooooo', went the class,as well as one 'nice bum'.
Why thank you.
Several lessons later and my bottom having cooled somewhat,we were taking French. A subject that has never grasped me. And just because my fake snore happened to come during a sudden quiet period,I was sent out again....Rats..
Not at all surprised to see me,the headmaster introduced me to his new pal, Mr. Geoff.
Having tried that out,he then gave me fifteen strokes with the strap.(I forgot to count the first two),and then he gave me 'one for luck'....How kind.
So....The day was going well. All my classmates were extremely friendly and helpful,saying things like,'it was him sir!' or 'she did it!' I got to meet all the teaching staff personally,having put the t.v. on between lessons with the remote I'd found, (just before headmaster walked in). And I was the second best behaved pupil in the whole school.
The two worst behaved being 'Fluffy' and 'Pixie'. A pair of very naughty girls that even saints would have no patience with. And they were both PREFECTS. What chance did we stand? Mind you,the latter did have a very good singing voice,I wonder if she sings so sweetly whilst being spanked?
Lessons learnt were.......
The headmasters' ruler stings like a bastard.
Mr. Victors' hand stings even more than the headmasters does.
A slippering from the headmaster still heats my bottom enough to fry eggs on.
Mr. Dave tolerates NO talking at all in his lessons. (He's scary)
I still hate wooden paddles with a vengeance.
I love that strap smacking my bum.....yummy.
Fluffy and Pixie are not suitable roll models for us impressionable pupils and so should not be made prefects again.
Mr. Craig is a soft touch as he smokes behind the bike sheds with us. Hehe.
I still don't know any French....Merde !
And all the teachers,including the headmaster,are tone deaf as I was singing the wrong words to the end of school song and no one noticed..
    A fantastic day was had by all,great fun and many many laughs. But I may well find myself expelled.

All comments are welcome. Don't be shy...Be naughty.

P.S. I should explain the title.......After my second visit to the headmaster he warned me that should I be sent to him again within three minutes,I would be getting the cane....I bottled it....Regrets.


  1. Gary, you have had a day to remember! I love the picture of Mr.Geoff. That desk is exquisite. I sat at one just like it in my first year of high school. We were in one of the older classrooms that had not yet been remodeled.

    I hope you were able to sit down to have breakfast this morning.


    1. Hello dear heart, yes I have been made to lean on that desk many times, if you look closely you can see my teeth marks on it...ha ha. I have had a week to recover but in truth I got off lightly....I think headmaster must be getting soft in his old age...ooops..I might regret that comment as he reads this blog too.
      Kind regards,