Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Final Chapter.

Frozen to the spot, not out of fear but more from anticipation, I waited for her approach. But non came. I could hear no footsteps, just my own breathing and the faint thump in my eardrums. Several times I wanted to turn my head to see if she was still sat at her chair, but resisted the temptation, convinced that this was a test of my resolve, of my will power. Then suddenly I heard them, from the far side of the room came footsteps, getting ever closer until I could palpably sense her presence behind me. Her breath just perceivable on my naked back. I startled at her voice, even though her tone was quite calm and quiet.
    'Put your hands behind your back and do not resist me.'
Doing exactly that, my heart started pounding in my chest, this was exciting, the unknown, the tension.
    I heard the chink of metal first, then my left wrist was clad with something cool yet not metallic. I was still puzzling this when my other wrist felt the same sensation. A resistance as I eased my hands apart told me the answer but before I could say anything she spoke again.
    'I don't want you to panic, you must stay calm, do you understand?'
    'Yes miss,' my answer quite natural and unhurried.
Her breath closer now and at the back of my neck, I felt her body press lightly against my bottom and her hands came into blurred view but briefly. I caught sight of something in her hands, then darkness blanked my eyes.
    Try as I might, my chest pounded and my whole body suddenly trembled, uncontrollably. My knees ready to give way at any moment. She spoke again, this time on my right side, her hand placed firmly in my middle back.
    'Try to stay calm Gary, I'm going to put something around your neck, it won't be tight, you will not choke, ok?'
    My mind unable to take this in, I barely felt her afix it around my neck, only the sound of thumping in my ears and then something cold and heavy resting down my chest and stomach. Then it lifted, pulling ever so slightly on my neck, just the weight of it.
    'I'm going to lead you to another room Gary, it isn't far, there is nothing to trip on, alright?' Her words now slightly trembled and yet I could tell there was a certain excitement in them. Shuffling at first, then slightly larger steps as the pull on my neck urged me on, I was only glad that my legs had not let me down. Glad to move again.
    I didn't count the steps, had no idea how far we'd gone when suddenly her hand was flat on my chest, stopping me dead. Then it left.
    'We are here Gary, now I want you to move your feet together,' her voice at a slight distance. I complied and in a moment I felt a wide strap wrap around both ankles, firmly pulled together so that bone pressed hard against bone.
    Suddenly the blindfold was ripped away with the sound of velcro and my eyes adjusted to the half dim light quickly. In front of me stood a low gymnasium horse, It's surface of light brown suede bouncing light from it.
      She was again behind me when she spoke, 'I'm going to cane you Gary, the twelve strokes you should have got earlier, only this time you will not move out of position.' Her voice had changed, deeper somehow, menacing.
    Looking down is my natural reaction to such news and so it was only then that I saw that my feet were not only strapped together but also attached to a ringlet in the floor.
    'I'm going to untie your hands now, if you struggle you will fall over and I will beat you where you lay,' the menace spat out with full meaning.
Hands released, she walked purposefully round me, taking my left arm with her. Walking past the other side of the horse she pushed it closer with her hips until it pressed against my groin.
    'Bend over,' she instructed, keeping a hold of my arm. The fabric feeling cool against my midriff, I watched as she quickly wrapped an already secured leather strap to my left wrist. Repeating the process with my other arm I went limp, all tension released from my body. I was truly at her mercy.
    She walked out of eyesight to my left but her footsteps betrayed her presence as they clacked on the wood flooring. A pause, then they approached again, stopped, then a swish cut the silence, followed by several undefinable number of swishes. I swallowed hard against the collar around my neck, beads of sweat beginning to appear on my forehead.
    'You need not count these strokes Gary, they will come at a pace of my choosing, but you will say sorry mistress after each one, understood?'
    I nodded my head, unable to bring any voice forth. That would soon be rectified.
Her footsteps neared, then stopped. I felt the light touch of her cane brush my bottom three times then......
Swish thwack! It bit into my cheeks with searing ferocity.
    'Sorry mistress,' my voice miraculously returned.
Eleven more times I had to repeat those words, twelve burning stripes cutting red lines across my bottom.

    Quickly, she released all my shackles and as I stood and turned to face her, she threw herself bodily to the floor infront of me, her head buried between her knees.
    'Did I play my part well master?
    'Was I a convincing mistress for you sir?'

           Well, what do you think?

Hope someone has enjoyed this (not so short story).
I certainly enjoyed writing it....

Kind regards,


  1. Oh my! She was a VERY good mistress indeed!

    I loved both parts of the story. Do write more, please. You have quite a talent, but then, they always say to write about what you know:)


    1. I can't thank you enough dear heart for your comment, I was beginning to think that it had bombed.
      I'll try my best but the next blog is most likely to be the Thrashwell report...We'll see.
      Kindest regards as always,

  2. My apologies for not commenting sooner. I have been quite tied up.

    No, not what you're thinking! Our printer gave up the ghost and I had to shop for then install the new one. It was rather time-consuming but worth it in the end.