Thursday, 6 June 2013

Thrashwells revisited.

Not long now until all sins will be revealed and punishments applied to the pupils of Thrashwells. I can see them now, the stern faces of teachers just itching to put an innocent (well, not quite so innocent) pupil over their knee for a sound spanking. Legs kicking and howls of protest being ignored, they will go about their tasks with great gusto. Just as well then that I will not be among them, for you see before you, a much changed boy. Gone are the days when trouble was my middle name, gone are those cheeky remarks that used to get this poor soul into much trouble and even more stripes across his posterior.
Yes dear readers, I go to Thrashwells to actually LEARN something. Be it moths (I'm not sure of which country of origin yet) or P.E. (which by the way stands for pub excursion I believe). But the seat of learning will be my home for a day and much excitement will ensue as the day gets ever closer.
The headmaster I'm sure, will have very little to do throughout the school day and so I look forward to making his acquaintance once again where we can discuss many subjects of interest.
It will be so much easier to relax into the school day, as I will this time, know at least some of the other pupils.
I just hope the bus driver can remember the way this time.

Gary....oh so angelic ntboy.


  1. How exciting for you, Gary. I hope you take plenty of notes - don't forget your pencil! - and tell us all about it when you return.

    I'm sure the headmaster will have absolutely NO reason to punish you if you are studious and well-behaved.


    1. Thanks Hermione, that is a good idea to take notes this memory is terrible. I don't think that the headmasters' memory is as bad though. Or Mr.Smarty
      Or Mr.Teeside
      Or Mr.Craig
      Or Mr.Prince
      It will be so lovely to see them all again...tee hee.ha.ha.
      King regards,

    2. Holy crap !!!!!!
      I didn't mean to put Mr.Smarty honest.....It was a genuine mistake sir. I meant to put Mr.Marty, the best teacher in all of Thrashwells.
      Hanging head in shame,Gary.

  2. OH dear, I'm afraid you're in for it now, Gary. That was a terrible mistake. Or perhaps just a slip of the fingers? Perhaps they will have a remedial typing class at Thrashwells, just for you.

    You should take along an apple for each of the masters, as well as a pillow to sit on.

    1. That made me roar with laughter Hermione but, the headmaster does not forgive ANY mistakes. I am toast. Halo down to my midrift...Bugger.