Friday, 24 May 2013

Just a walk in the park.

I love those spur of the moment decisions that we sometimes make, they invariably lead to a great day being had.
As spring had finally arrived and the day promised to be warm and still, we decided on a nice walk through the park to a local pub that we knew. We'd only commented that morning on the fact that we hadn't heard a cuckoo this year when, low and behold, there it was. Distant at first, but getting louder the farther we walked.
Along the way I had noticed a willow tree, full of bloom and nice new shoots, green and pliable.
That got my mind into spank gear. So, after a nice pint and sit down, we headed back the way we'd come.
Casually breaking off one of its' branches, I began stripping the bark from it as we continued to walk. We hadn't gone much further when she turned to me and said, 'That would sting if I was to put it across your bottom wouldn't it'?
Bingo !! Our minds were alike and at the next suitable turn-off we headed down a very quiet and secluded pathway.
Finding a dell with the fairies gone, it was time for the naughty imp to appear. Trousers and pants down, I bent over and waggled my bottom at her. Playing her part well, she began asking me nature questions at which I would reply with any old B.S.
'Swish', and another red welt would appear across both cheeks.
We must have played for a good twenty minutes before deciding we'd pushed our luck of seclusion far enough.
Heading back, she suddenly announced that she needed to pee, so, pointing out a little siding with no nettles, I persuaded her that I would keep watch. Just as she bobbed down my inner devil popped up. Pretending to greet someone with,'good afternoon, lovely day isn't it'. I saw her head pop up followed by, 'Oh shit, I've pee'ed on my trouser leg'.
'You bastard, I knew you'd do something like that', she said as she stomped towards me. But I was already doubled up with laughter, which only increased when she showed me the evidence of her mishap.
I love those impromptu days. Full of magical moments, full of fun.
I've yet to pay the price though.....

Gary....never trust what I say....ntboy.

This is though, a true story.

Kind regards,


  1. LOL! You certainly are a naughty boy! I hope that switch was put to good use again when you got home. OR better still, the leather strap.

    I've never heard a cuckoo, except in clocks. I don't believe we have them in this part of Canada.


  2. Thanks Hermione, unfortunately we didn't get the chance when we returned but have since been punished with the tawse. That bugger stings worse...poor me.
    Kind regards,