Thursday, 9 May 2013

Hell for leather ? Hell no !!

Everybody knows that excited feeling one gets when a long awaited parcel arrives. So a slight disappointment ensued when on opening it I found the D.D. paddle from The London Tanners was bent up so as to fit into the box. But oh, how beautiful it was when I lifted it out and straightened the leather paddle to its' full length. That gorgeous smell of new leather filled my nostrils and ...........Wooow there, just a minute, getting slightly carried away here.
Anyhoo...Just look at it, look at the craftsmanship of that handle.

                                        Pretty ? Yes ?
But handsome is as handsome does, so after a few weeks, yes that's right, WEEKS, of anxious waiting, (don't you just love teenage kids that never leave the house) we finally got to try it out.
Using a variety of strengths and angles of attack, I'm sure you'll agree that the effects are quite striking.....Ha,ha, get it ? oh well, never mind.
The sound that resonates as it smacks down on my bottom is quite outstanding. And the sting that is left behind (there's another one for you) just begs to be rubbed away with feverish gusto.
Aaah yes, this is going to be a very well used implement in the future. A weapon of mass concussion in the right hands !
                                          There's my lovely !

Ten more strokes were added after these photos were taken (the battery died on my camera, sorry) because    ......
I got the question of her favourite cereal wrong. It's wheat flakes with fruit apparently....
All the previous ones being BECAUSE of my other answers.

Kind regards,
Gary (still just as) ntboy.


  1. Well, Gary, you really should have been paying attention at the breakfast table. Imagine not knowing her favourite cereal!

    A lovely paddle. You'll have many hours of enjoyment with that. (Not all at once, though!)


    1. I know, shameful eh ? But we only eat breakfast together at weekends mainly so that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it
      Kind regards,

  2. Looks like a serious implement. The LT stuff is good. We have a good by spanking strap of theirs, so called because I really enjoy getting it and my wife knows that.

  3. I agree Michael, the quality is really top notch. I'm not surprised that you also enjoy getting the strap, it stings so nicely doesn't it ? Giving the wrong answer to a question got me the ones on the thighs....oouch they smart !!!!
    Thank you for your comments.
    Kind regards,