Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maintenance Spanking....(or was it revenge?)

As I have previously stated, we are not in D.D. relationship and nor can I see us being so, or so I thought. For all our previous playtimes have been exactly that, play!...But something changed the other night when we went to bed, something definitely changed.

It had been exactly 34 days since my return from Thrashwells school and no spankings had taken place, not even a suggestion of one in the offing. Save for the occasional swat on my behind in the kitchen whilst I prepared dinner, we had been in a small trough as far as spankings are concerned. But then, out of the blue, my wife said to me as I was already in bed,
  'So you don't want a spanking tonight eh?'
At which, I leapt out of bed and stood before her naked, my eyes lowered and my hands in front of me.
 'Choose your implement,' she said, with no hint of malice or anger in her voice.
The leather paddle being the lesser of evils within our toy list, I chose that one, foolishly believing that a warm up spanking over her knee would take some of the sting out of it.
 'Now bend over the end of the bed!' her voice only slightly harder in tone.
 'But don't I get a warm up first?' I whimpered rather pathetically.
No reply was offered, instead, she proceeded to spank my behind with the paddle, slowly at first but progressively faster and harder, as she then told me of her disappointments in me.
I had taken too many liberties when being allowed to attend school. I had allowed myself to be birched in front of an audience, something that she had not anticipated. I had been far too excited to be going to the venue beforehand and I had not discussed in much detail what goings on had occurred on the day...!!
Her scolding me, together with the now quite painful smacks from the leather paddle, had me squirming left and right and quite honestly, a shame came over me rather unexpectedly.
But just as suddenly as it started, she then stopped, threw the paddle onto the bed and said,
''ve had your spanking!'
I got back into bed and sulked.
I felt slightly shocked, slightly humiliated, but most of all, very very humbled.
Later, we talked and discussed our situation. We talked about how we could go on from this 'thing' that I have. We talked and then we made love.
I hope we can continue to talk. It is one of my major failings that I don't talk much about my feelings, or about my feelings for her. I know that I must change that. I will change that. For I love her too dearly, most deeply, to let her down again.

Kindest of regards,


  1. Well, that was quite a bedtime surprise! Good for her! (And good for you too, was it not?)

    Now that you realize you must open up your heart to her more, why not give yourself a goal of telling her (or showing her) that you love her, once each day, in whatever way you like.

    You are a very lucky man.


    1. You are quite right Hermione, I am a very lucky man to have such a loving woman as my wife, she constantly surprises me. She certainly surprised me that night.....OUCH!!!!

  2. Nice to get some home treatment for a change. You will have to open up some more to your wife to see if she will get into an FLR or DD scene.

    1. Thanks Michael but we're quite happy as we are. After all, not all our play is one sided, I do have a hard hand myself.