Thursday, 26 September 2013


     'Darling, the light bulb is stuck.'
That was all I heard, seeing as I was in the living room at the time. But then, my wife does have a habit of trying to talk to me through walls within the house anyway.
  Next day, and I had completely forgotten the comment, until that is, I looked up at the light bulb in the ceiling of the kitchen to find it dangling by a mere thread of filament. The glass bulb being completely detached from the metal contact part. I was instantly angered at the recklessness of my wife just leaving the bulb in such a state. Not only the risk of electrocution but also the shards of glass that would have projectiled out as it smashed onto our worktop, (it was directly above it).
    'Did you just leave that bulb hanging like that?' I said, only slightly portraying my annoyance.
    'I told you about it yesterday,' she replied, but not really answering my question.
So I repeated myself and got the answer that I had suspected all along.
    'I gave it a twist and it just came away in my hand,' her blue eyes flashing at me with adolescent innocence.
  In all fairness I knew that I was partly to blame for not seeing to it sooner, but this was just the chance that I had been hoping for to exact a little payback.
    'Why didn't you tell me that it was broken off, it was hanging by a thread,' I admonished.
Several stumbled explanations later and I knew that this time I could take the upper hand. Just as when they announce the result of a vote in parliament and say 'the ayes have it,' I knew from her posture and upward glances at me, that this woman wanted a spanking from me.
    'Right young lady, over my knee!' I said as I seated myself at a kitchen chair.
With an empty house and no chance of disturbance for a good few hours yet, I put on my sternest face and glared at her. She offered her protests but still slowly walked towards me, a resolved look upon her face.
Offering me her hand, she meekly lowered herself over my lap and quickly settled to accept her punishment, even pushing her bottom up into a more prominent position. I didn't hesitate for a moment and swiftly pulled down her relaxey pants (not sure of the spelling of that, sorry) to expose those wonderful globes of prominent buttocks.
   'You have behaved most recklessly leaving that light bulb in such a state, and you deserve a good spanking for it,' I stated.
   My oh my, what a glorious feeling it was to be the disciplinarian for once. And I didn't go easy on her either. My hand smacked down for maybe five or six times before I heard a whimper from her. The red hue just beginning to show on her lower bottom, I shifted my aim higher so as to spread the intensity of the spanking, (a trick I had learnt from my headmaster).
   'You're damn lucky that I don't take the paddle to you,' I told her as she started to squirm over my lap, her owws and ouchs coming after every smack now.
  Having thoroughly spanked the whole area of her bottom, now a nice deep shade of red, I rested my hand on her lower back.
   'Shall I continue, or will you offer me an apology for your reckless behaviour?' I said, quite surprised at her obedient posture.
   'I'm sorry sir,' she said in a higher toned voice than normal.
   'Then you may get up,' I answered, not bothering to pull up her relaxey pants.
  She then stood and pouted, with her lower lip showing more prominent, and began rubbing her behind with both hands. I gave her a few moments to recover herself then stood, offered her my hand, and led her upstairs to the bedroom..........

  As a footnote....
 The very next day I had to replace another bulb in the kitchen ceiling and it too broke off as I unscrewed it.  Turns out that the bulbs that 'I' bought several weeks ago from a yard sale were cheap and nasty.....ooops.
                                               Don't tell the wife !!!!

Kind regards,


  1. Well, well, the tables have turned at last.

    So which role do you prefer - top or bottom?


    1. Oooooo....tough call that question. I quess .... No I know, that I am a bottom at heart. It's just so nice to switch sometimes though. I do love spanking her bottom when SHE has been naughty !