Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Top and Bottom.

   Every now and again, we like to play a game between us. But before your naughty minds go off on a tangent, let me explain further. The game was ten pin bowling and the bet was one cane stroke for every point difference in our scores, or, if she was the loser, they would be paddle strokes. (I still don't feel comfortable in giving her the cane, I know only too well how much it stings!).
   So, a win win situation, as far as I was concerned, but my male ego and natural competitiveness would not allow me to lose on purpose. I never do. Trouble is though, my wife is like minded and although I hate to admit it, she is a better bowler than me.
  There....I said it hun.....Put it in writing for all to see.
   So, the top and bottom of this is...........(nice phrase that eh?) Twenty strokes of the cane, all on the bare of course. We just have to fit it into our busy and not very often alone, lives. I'm sure lots of other couples have the self same frustrating problems, but that doesn't make the waiting any easier.
   Meantime, perhaps I should propose a double or nothing wager.......Anyone for tennis ????

Please feel free to comment, don't be shy, be naughty !

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                            The story continues...................................................

    Much apologies for this late development and to those that have commented already, sorry Hermione, but........... As you can see, the debt has been paid in full.
   Wouldn't you know it but we had a spare few moments this afternoon and my wife, bless her cotton socks, decided that I had waited long enough for my punishment.



  1. I suppose you could have a stroke or two now and then,a s time permits, if you can't fit twenty into a single session. But you would have to keep track of how many you has already received. No cheating!


    1. I don't know what to say except to reiterate my apologies to you dear heart, I guess that I was a tad too early in posting this story. It all turned out better on 'THE END'.
      (bad joke I know, but that's my sense of humour)