Sunday, 24 November 2013

The story continues......

   Susan was both nervous and excited as she stood outside the huge front doors of the manor house, but she plucked up her courage and pulled on the stirrup shaped bell pull that hung to the right of the doors. No answer, no sound at all. She gave it another pull and waited a few moments more. Nothing. Not even footsteps could be heard as she pressed her left ear to the cold wooden door.
   'If you ring that infernal bell once more, I shall set the dogs on you !'
Susan turned around with a start, to see Adam behind her beaming from ear to ear with a mischievous grin on his face.
   'Glad you could make it, we're round the back, come.' Adam held out his hand and led Susan to the rear garden.
   'Actually, I don't have any dogs and I was using the royal we, it's just the two of us I'm afraid.' Adam said whilst turning to face Susan.
   'Forgive me for being presumptuous, but I would say by your demeanour that you are quite a submissive girl, am I right in thinking that ?'
His directness caught Susan by surprise and she could only blush and look down at her feet.
   'Come, I want to show you something inside, you may find it quite interesting.'
Adam let go of her hand and led the way inside through the patio doors, past a large swimming pool and down a corridor to enter what looked like to Susan, a study.
   A large desk in front of one of two windows and books on shelves around two of the walls, Susan caught the unmistakeable scent of wood polish and leather as she gazed slowly about the room. But what caught her attention was nestled in the far corner. Adam led her straight over to it.
   'Do you know what this contraption is Susan ?'
   'It looks for all the world like an old fashion stocks, Adam !' She almost spat out his name with condemnation.
   'Mostly correct, it is in fact a set of brand new stocks. Spankingly brand new as it happens. Would you like to see how it works ?' His eyes now fully fixed on hers. Susan returned his stare and never so much as blinked as she spoke,
   'You'll have to show me yourself, I'm not very good with machinery I'm afraid.'
At once, he sprang forward and dragged the stocks further into the middle of the room, opened them, and placed his head and arms into the slots.

   'See, it's simple really,' Adam said with a great grin, but Susan was already at his side and with a crash, she shut the top part down and flicked the latch shut.
   'Oow, it's pinching my wrists you bitch !' Adam whinged.
   'Good, it's nice and tight then, don't want you wriggling away now do we........Mr. Johnson.'
Susan stood in front of him and slowly pulled a plimsoll from her handbag, watching his reaction as she did so.
   'You don't remember me do you, Mr. Johnson ! All those years ago when you kept me behind after hockey practice.'
Susan roamed around behind him as she spoke and then without warning, yanked down his trousers.
   'I bet you got your cookies off, spanking us girls with your plimsoll, well now it's payback time.' She slowly and deliberately peeled down his underpants and gave his naked bum a couple of soft taps with her hand.
Adam was dumbfounded, unable to take in what was happening, unable to comprehend his predicament. His mind raging with his inability to remember who this woman was.
   Susan took up position along side her victim and tapped his bottom twice with her plimsoll, then withdrew her hand back to it's full extent and brought it down with all the force she could muster. The smack seemed to echo throughout the whole room followed closely by the most unearthly girlie scream that could be emitted from a grown man. The red angry pattern of a shoe print immediately appeared on Adams' left butt cheek and Susan couldn't help but admire her handiwork for a few seconds before applying the same treatment to his right cheek.
Smack !!
   'Six is best eh ? Well I tend to think that we should add a nought to the end of that six, mister !'
And with that, Susan rolled up the sleeve of her blouse and prepared herself for a very long evening of pain and punishment.
   His punishment...................

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  1. Gary, you're a genius! That was such a clever turn of events. I loved it!


    1. Thank you Hermione, so pleased that you enjoyed this tale. I hoped it would keep you guessing right till the end.
      Kind regards,