Friday, 6 December 2013

Fifty Shades Film

So....The powers that be can't decide what rating to award the upcoming film, 'Fifty shades of grey.' My guess is that if they rate it an 18+ it will be a resounding flop because the British public are far too reserved to be seen entering a cinema with 'sleaze' written all over the place. On the other hand, the dvd (when it comes out) will be a massive hit.
What do you all think ?
Or is everybody too scared to mention the film, just as actors never mention Macbeth. Sorry. That scottish play.

Kind regards,


  1. Hi Gary,

    In the US, they are releasing two versions: one that is restricted to over 18, and one that has a warning but children as young as 14 can see it if accompanied by an adult.

    I would rent the former:)


    1. I will wait for the dvd too, just as I did for 'Secretary'. I'm such a scaredy cat !