Thursday, 4 October 2012

Human emotions

Fascinating isn't it ? There I was sitting at my breakfast table with tears streaming down my face. The coffee I had made in front of me was untouched, unable to take one sip. After all the hard spankings and slipperings, belts and very hard ( on occasions ) canings that my headmaster gave me I never shed a single tear. Although he did get bloody close with 'old vic' once or twice. And yet just one kind reply from Hermione, a person I do not know and lives in a completely different country, got to me. I quess we are all vunerable at some time no matter how old we are. Many thanks Hermione. xx


  1. Oh, Gary, now you have made me cry. Such a sweet post!

    Isn't blogging wonderful? It brings together people whose geographical distance is quite great, but who feel very close by. And did you know that your blog has the distinction of being the very first M/M blog Bonnie included in her blogroll?

    Thanks for leaving a caption on my post. I always look forward to your submissions.


    1. Sincerest apologies Hermione, Far be it for me to make a lady cry.
      You'll be pleased to know that the stiff upper lip has returned, I am british after all don't you know, what, what ?
      I really don't know what to say at your news about being on Bonnies' blogroll. I fear people might be disappointed as my blogs have little substance to them.
      Please keep your stories coming, They always bring a smile.
      Kind regards, Gary.

    2. Silly me, I just got your submissions joke. Very good Hermione.