Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Inspiration from abroad

If only Punch was as pleased as I was to be once again draped over the headmasters' knee getting my cheeks warmed up by his firm hand.
Actually, I've always thought Punch must have been a top. Anyway, I digress.
I knew full well that my pants (that's underpants for our over the pond friends) would be pulled down very shortly but I hadn't banked on the sharp sting of his strop. Even though it was doubled up and so quite short in length the impact made my now bare bum burn with every stroke. He had clearly made up his mind to match my bottom to my suntan with this new implement.
I wonder just what Punch was so pleased about? He always had a red nose so I guess he drank a lot. Sorry.
It was a relief to be given a little corner time (see picture) even though I knew full well what came next.
The swish from behind me was all too familiar and his question need not have been asked. Assuming the position as best I could (I always get this wrong) he instructed me to 'straighten that back boy'.
I just had time to wonder if after my break abroad I would still find his cane as painful as ev..
Swish thwack. The two sounds very close together then a discernible pause before ..... O.M.G. That burn. That electric wire burn. Question answered, Bloody hell yes I doooo.
I can't speak for every one but I always find that the first four maybe five strokes are the most painful. After that my bum goes sort of numb a bit. Unless that is if he strikes the same place twice, Then it's a much longer lasting and somehow deeper burn sensation. Takes your breath away I can tell you.
Concentrate Gary, Don't lose count.....
All too soon it's 'twelve sir, thank you sir, thank you for my punishment.'
Having dressed and standing before him he asked 'do you feel suitably punished boy?'
Inner devil popped out of my head, sat on my shoulder and then some damn fool said 'actually sir, no sir, I don't.'   Shit! Who said that?

                                          To be continued....
Why the title I hear you ask,
If it hadn't been for Hermione and Bonnie this blog would have ended.             
                           To kindred spirits, many thanks.

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  1. I agree completely, the first few are always the worst, and leave me thinking, "Why am I doing this?" Then as the strokes continue, I remember why.

    Thank you for the kind words, Gary. This blog is your place to say what you feel, and to tell, or not tell, whatever you like.