Monday, 15 October 2012

My Happy Place...A continuation of the story.

'Intriguing answer' said the headmaster, 'well then, you'd better come here and bend over then boy'.
My mind was still in shock from my previous answer and so I dutifully obeyed and took up the position, resting my hands on the far side of his desk and trying my best to stick my bottom out but keeping a straight back. See, Told you it was difficult!
Now there are three views that I have whilst in this position, my feet, the floor or the close up of his school desk top. But this time I could just make out the left side of the headmaster in my peripheral vision as well. Then something else briefly came into view. The long swish of rattan cutting the air at speed was replaced by a loud CRACK. Something akin to a dart impacted my right flank and two words burst in my head, F...... HELL. Fortunately those words didn't escape and were replaced by 'one sir' etc. etc.
Even though my bottom was still clad and so protected to a small degree I had not till now experienced such pain. Why on earth do I take notice of my ID?
The brief glimpses I was getting out of my left side vision only now registered in my befuddled brain.
Cane tip. I was seeing the cane tip on the top of the full swing.
I wonder if the H.M. plays golf ? He'd be quite a long hitter if he di....CRACK Ouch!!! Bugger that hurts!
Now I am not particularly brave or stupid for that matter, So, after no: 12 was counted and thanked for I stayed still and waited.
The room lit up by a camera flash and I knew that my headmaster was making a record of this naughty boys' predicament.
Quite innocently and probably naively I asked if he would 'like my shorts and pants down', you know, so he could photograph the results better.
'You know, I think I would', said the headmaster.
That done I repositioned myself and..
Oh no, he's along side me again. Surely not. That's not what I meant.
Cane tip comes into view then disappears.
A searing, intense pain burns into the right side of my buttock. I am unable to speak. I want to yell. To let it out. To burst. Tears are surely to follow and yet they don't come. Only this branded with a hot iron pain fills my brain.
I cannot remember if I counted all six. Cannot recall if I cursed out loud or not. I was only sure that there must be blood splats covering the floor and blood running down his now still cane.
But of course it was not.
Nor was my buttock in shreds as I had imagined it to be. I had survived. Despite my inner devils' best efforts
to destroy my seat it was still intact. And a warm inner glow took over me. That feeling inside that you get when equilibrium has returned to your world.
All is well.
'Would you like a coffee?' he smiled at me and there it was. I was back in my happy place again......

Something familiar popped out of my head and sat on my shoulder again. 'That gum you've been chewing' it said, 'you should put it on his cane when he leaves the room'.
I was so wrong, I am stupid.
Very, very stupid.

And very naughty...(nt).


  1. Headmaster allows you to chew gum during a caning? Surely not. Or did you hide the fact from him?

    I thought so.


    1. Guilty as charged Hermione,unfortunately that was the last time I saw my headmaster.

  2. Yes and your Headmaster has not forgotten about the chewing gum gary and I can assure that your last punishment is going to be nothing compared to your next.
    Your going to have a very sore red stripe bottom to put on display here eventually.